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Alternate Funding Resources


This list is intended to get you started in the process of finding available funding for a child's adaptive equipment, and does not include a complete list of options. We are happy to provide you with an estimate of cost for the equipment so that you can submit it to one of the funding sources. The funding source can remit payment to the Adaptivemall.com so the order can be placed.

Here are some ways to get started researching possible funding sources for adaptive equipment:

    • Kiddie Pool Logo A FREE Fundraising Service from Adaptivemall.com. Sign up for the Kiddie Pool program here onAdaptivemall.com

    • PayPal Credit Logo PayPal Credit through Adaptivemall.com lets you buy now & pay later.

    • Check with local churches

    • Banks donate to charity each year

    • Ask the parent-teacher organization (PTO) at your child's school

    • Check with local Boy Scout or Girl Scout groups for help as part of their community service requirement

    • Contact local service organizations like the Elks Lodge, Order of Moose, Rotary Clubs & Lions Clubs

    • Locate an adaptive equipment loan closet in your area

    • Network with other caretakers who may have equipment that their children have either outgrown or no longer us

Submit an application and estimate of cost to nonprofit organizations & foundations that include but are not limited to the following: